Crazy People 101: How to Protect Yourself From Them on The Internet

By February 6, 2013Internet Lawyer
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Crazy people are one reason Internet privacy is important

As an Internet lawyer, I get emails from crazy people. Every once in a blue moon, some real nutcase will take the time to express their crack addict poetry by snail mail. These are more than the disgruntled rants of an Internet con artist who has been crossed.

When I received a raving post card today from one of these specimens from the shallow end of the gene pool, it was a reminder of why Internet privacy is important.

Unfortunately, there are lunatics online who are one fry short of a Happy Meal, and live in an alternate world that doesn’t resemble reality. In short, they’ve kicked the sanity habit.

Many are harmless cranks even if they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

However, some of these kooks are dangerous and should be institutionalized before they harm themselves or others. In a world where killing sprees occur nearly every day, there are people who will harm you for any reason or no reason at all.

Regardless of the irrational motives driving these loonies, what’s important is to protect yourself against them when you go online. Internet privacy is key. This includes never revealing your home address online or making it easy to find you.

What’s the first step in protecting yourself? Make sure your website, your social networking sites, and your domain name registrations use your business mailing address instead of your home address.

To learn more about protecting yourself from psychos online, get the Internet Attorney Association’s free website owner privacy and personal safety report today.

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