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Perry Belcher Criminal Fan Club

By February 24, 2011May 5th, 2016Internet Lawyer

Perry Belcher

Silent No More About Con Artist Perry Belcher

It’s been more than a year since convicted Internet marketer Perry Belcher‘s shenanigans have been written about on this blog. In fact, it was out of sight, out of mind until one of Belcher’s fan club decided to threaten me today.

Threat By Perry Belcher Supporter

Here’s the threat in its entirety…

To: Law Firm Support
From: Jimmy

Look bitch,
if you dont take that shit down about perry belcher i will personal
fuck your world up.
your a peice of shit you fuckin fat hog.
fuck you punk.
I will find you, and it wont be pretty.

Given the sender’s IP address, the person making the threats is very close to Belcher from a geographic standpoint. Perhaps too close.

I was willing to give him a free pass to start over, even if what he’s been up to isn’t exactly turning over a new leaf. That being said, when threats like this come my way after more than a year of silence, don’t expect me to sit back and take them.

There are always some people who believe that any publicity is good publicity. Perhaps that’s why this threat was made. After all, if no one is writing about you online, how can you follow up on your Internet “success” selling fake medicines to sick people?

Or maybe the person making the threat is under some delusion that’s a side effect of taking one of those fake Selmedica meds? The possibilities are endless when you’re dealing with the strange ducks in God’s online pond.

This isn’t the first time threats have been made by Belcher’s fan club but thought you should see it for yourself to understand the type of people trying to defend his criminal past.

Perry Belcher’s Criminal Past Documented

And to make it easy for you to understand Internet marketer Perry Belcher’s criminal record, here are some helpful links.

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