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Does Your Consulting Agreement Fully Protect You?

consulting contract for business consultants

When you’re advising business clients, are you fully protected by a professional written consulting agreement?

Because many consultants live dangerously by cutting corners.

And they risk not getting paid or even being sued by clients because their consulting contracts are defective.

Unfortunately, it’s common for a new consultant to “borrow” someone else’s agreement found online…or try to patch something together from multiple business contracts.

What’s “borrowed” is frequently copyright infringement. Not a good way to start off any legitimate venture.

And the contract’s language probably doesn’t fit the consultant’s particular needs.

Even worse, some of the provisions are written to favor the other side.

If you’re using a contract that wasn’t prepared specifically to protect your consulting business, it’s time to get one that meets your needs.

Of course, some consultants simply work off of acceptance of a written quote…a simple document that doesn’t address many essential issues.

And a simple quote may work…until it doesn’t, i.e. a problem comes up during consulting but the quote doesn’t address how things will be handled.

Now the easiest way to prevent problems with a client is at the beginning of the relationship by establishing the rights and responsibilities of each party in a binding written contract that’s signed.

So if (when) things go bad with a particularl consulting gig, you’ve already agreed on how to sort things out.

If you need a consulting agreement revised or a a new professional consulting contract prepared, it’s time to schedule a phone consultation with Business Lawyer Mike Young to discuss your needs.

Mike Young, Esq.

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