business contracts lawyer

Q: What kinds of agreements can our business contracts lawyer prepare for you?

A: Agreements prepared by Business Contracts Lawyer Mike Young come in two flavors: business-to-business (B2B); and business-to-consumer (B2C).

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Q: What’s the primary difference between B2B contracts and B2C agreements?

A: Contracts where a consumer is a party have to take into account numerous federal and state consumer protection laws. Unlike B2B deals, where the government assumes the parties have relatively equal bargaining power and business savvy, B2C agreements presume that the consumer is negotiating from a position of weakness and can be unfairly taken advantage of by the business. However, a good contracts attorney can still prepare a contract that favors the business client but still complies with consumer protection laws.

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Q: What are common business contracts prepared by your law firm?

A: Here are some of the most popular agreements, including a short explanation of each contract, and how it can benefit your business.

confidentiality agreement ndaConfidentiality Agreements

Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), a.k.a. confidentiality agreements, are contracts where one or more parties agrees to not disclose another party’s confidential information (e.g. trade secrets, business plans, etc.) to others. Although they can be standalone contracts, confidentiality provisions are often incorporated into employment and independent contractor agreements.