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Whether you’re running an Internet startup or have been doing business online for many years, it’s important to have the right written agreements in place in order to prevent legal problems in the future.

That’s why you need an experienced business and technology lawyer like Mike Young to prepare professional technology contracts and licensing agreements to protect you, your company, and your intellectual property.

Mike firmly believes in using plain simple language in your ecommerce agreements and technology contracts (including software licenses) where possible so the terms are easy to read and understand by everyone involved. This prevents conflicts that can arise from misunderstanding complicated lawyer jargon (legalese).

When Mike prepares a contract for your business, it’s typically done on a flat fee basis. He will provide you with a quote after you speak with him during a telephone consultation where you’ll discuss your unique needs.

And to make sure things are just the way you want them, your quote will include one set of additional revisions upon request within 14 days of receiving the agreement from Mike at no additional charge for professional legal services rendered. That’s a firm promise and commitment.