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Mike Young is an Internet business law attorney who guides entrepreneurs in growing and protecting their businesses online and offline. In addition to his practice, he’s developed the popular legal forms software, Website Legal Forms Generator, which is a cost-effective way of creating website protection documents. His practice is based in the State of Texas (USA) and he serves as a foreign legal consultant in the Republic of Panama. More information can be found at

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Internet Business Law Attorney Mike Young has a long history of helping clients protect their businesses by applying protective strategies to online marketing dating back to the mid-1990s.

Mike is the author of the book “Internet Laws – How to Protect Your Business Website without a Lawyer.” His Legal Forms Generator software is used by a who’s who in business and online marketing.

Mike is a sought-after strategist and speaker who has worked with some of the biggest names in online marketing, spoken to groups of business owners, and has appeared on many information webinars and teleseminars.

A devoted husband and father, Mike enjoys having the time to be actively involved in family life. He gets his exercise chasing three rambunctious Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs.

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With us today is Mike Young, author, speaker and Internet business law attorney who passionately focuses on helping entrepreneurs protect and grow their businesses primarily online. Well-known for his ground-breaking software, Website Legal Forms Generator, Mike works with a who’s who of online entrepreneurs and business owners. He offers tips for business owners on his popular blog at to let more people know how to protect their businesses online. Welcome, Mike Young.

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The decision to become a lawyer wasn’t one of those ‘light bulb moments’ for Mike Young. As he described it, the decision was more of a gradual process. Watching family members work very hard in their jobs, Mike decided he wanted to be able to control his time, set his own course, be able to sell products and services, and deliver value in a way that wasn’t dependent upon a paycheck.
Mike started programming computers as a kid and took COBOL programming at a vocational technical school during his senior year of high school. At the time, interest and skill aptitude tests were offered to determine each student’s talents.

  • Interest and Aptitude Meet for Career Choice

Mike scored well in two fields on the aptitude/interest tests. One possibility was going into politics and the other was to go into computers. Arriving at college, he initially started in computers and very quickly changed his major to political science. Deciding he didn’t want to be a politician, Mike chose to attend law school upon graduation.

In law school, Mike merged his interests together by focusing on business, computers, and technology law. After finishing his first law degree (J.D. – Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law), Mike obtained his advanced degree at Georgetown University Law Center (LL.M. in International & Comparative Law).

“I felt from a business standpoint, and from a legal standpoint, it was going to be very important to understand and work with international law because many of the things that we do these days involve laws in multiple countries or international legal agreements between countries.”

Internet law didn’t exist when Mike was in law school, but as time passed he realized his knowledge of law and the fast-growing Internet were a perfect blend of his education, interests, and focus.

  • Family Members Provided Influence for Today’s Values and Client Choice

While growing up, Mike was greatly influenced by his maternal grandmother and great-aunt. Mike describes them as his sounding board because they let him think through things on his own but provided guidance when needed. He summarized the best advice he received from them.

“…decisions needed to be made as to what …to do and ultimately you know what the right thing is to do. If you spend time debating it, it tends to be because you’re trying to argue yourself out of the ethical position you know is right to begin with.”

After working for a business law firm upon graduation, Mike realized the clients he most enjoyed working with were entrepreneurs. Mike describes how wealthy individuals and the Fortune 500 companies have teams of lawyers working for them. The poor have legal representation because the government often provides free legal services.

“…I feel very strongly that the role of lawyers should include serving the middle class and small business owners in addition to others who already have the ability to get legal representation either through government funding or because they are wealthy.”

Today, Mike Young lives in the State of Texas (USA) and in the Republic of Panama, with his wife, son and three rambunctious Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs. He has blended his expertise, interests, and practice to become an Internet law attorney. For more information, his website is