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Internet Laws BookInternet Laws – How To Protect Your Business Website Without A Lawyer

Knowing not everyone can afford to hire an attorney who understands cyber law, Internet law attorney and entrepreneur Mike Young wrote “Internet Laws – How To Protect Your Business Website Without A Lawyer” for business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, and consultants who want a simple-to-understand legal guide revealing ways to protecting themselves and their businesses.

Today, most businesses have a website. Unfortunately, many small business owners are unaware of the risks and liabilities their companies can have with their websites. Instead of just being concerned with state and local laws, a website often has to obey federal laws and regulations too.

Using informative, easy-to-understand language, Internet law attorney Mike Young walks readers through the steps of how a business website can be protected. The book gives not only simple explanations but also includes practical checklists a business owner can use immediately.

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