Why Your Company Needs A Privacy Policy

By September 12, 2013Internet Lawyer

get website legal protectionWhat is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a legal document or statement that businesses post to their websites letting visitors know how the business will collect, use, and protect their clients personal information.

What is the benefit in having a privacy policy?

Companies post privacy policies to their websites to let their users know what information they collect and how or if they keep it, delete it, share it, or sell it to other businesses. Through their policies businesses can make it clear to their clients what information they collect and store and as a result establish trust in their client base both in the security of their private information and in the business as a guardian of that information.

At their most basic privacy policies are good for business. This is because online privacy is a huge concern for consumers today in this era of identity theft and fraud. A great privacy policy will help to attract clients because they will feel safe sending you their financial information and conducting financial transactions on your website.

A good online privacy policy that sets out how your website uses and stores private information also serves to let your clients that your company cares about them and their privacy.By demonstrating to clients through your privacy policy that you will safeguard their information you are clearly letting them know that you respect both them and their security. That demonstrated respect will pay off by both leading to referrals from your satisfied clients and attracting new clients.

Do you need help drafting a privacy policy for your business?

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