SaaS License Agreement Is Not The Same As A Downloadable App’s EULA

SaaS License Agreement Not Downloadable EULATim decided to convert his downloadable application into a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) app. But Tim didn’t use a SaaS license agreement. Instead, he gave the same end user license agreement (EULA) he’d used for the downloadable version.

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Unfortunately, the EULA didn’t protect Tim’s intellectual property rights in the new SaaS. So Tim ended up in court suing customers to protect his application.

“If you’re selling a software-as-a-service on a cloud-based platform, you should be using a SaaS license agreement to protect your legal rights.” – Software Attorney Mike Young

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Tim should have retained an experienced software attorney. And converted the EULA into the SaaS license he needed.

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Are you selling software-as-a-service applications? Do you know what type of license you’re granting to customers?

If you need help, it’s time to talk with Software Lawyer Mike Young about your options.

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