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Business Contract Templates

By Business Contracts, Business Lawyer
business contract templates

When you own a business that relies upon contracts, it makes sense to get contract templates professionally prepared.

If you create your own contract, chances are it’s missing key terms, contains provisions that don’t favor you, and may even be unenforceable.

What if you “borrow” a competitor’s business contract and repurpose it for your company?

First, that’s intellectual property theft (copyright infringement).

Second, the “borrowed” agreement likely contains terms that aren’t suited for your company even if a competitor uses them.

So, how do you get business contract templates designed to protect you and your company?

If you retain Business Lawyer Mike Young, he can prepare custom contract templates you can use over and over again without paying more than a one-time flat fee.

What’s the first step? Book a phone consultation with Attorney Young. Your consultation fee will be credited against your investment in getting the contract template prepared.

Systemize Then Customize Your Business Agreements

By Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

Many of Attorney Mike Young’s business clients save time and money by applying this one simple tactic…systemization followed by customization.

How does it work?

A client identifies types of agreements that are used repeatedly in their business.

Instead of reinventing the wheel with each new transaction, Attorney Young creates custom business contracts as templates for the client’s deals. Each agreement is prepared in terms that are designed to favor the client in each deal.

For the most part, any customization that’s done for a particular transaction is done by the client without attorney help. Names of parties, prices, etc.

However, once in a while there’s something complex or truly unique that requires professional changes. Because there’s the existing contract to work from instead of starting from scratch, such modifications are typically done quickly.

If you need help systemizing your business agreements, it’s time to schedule a phone consultation with Attorney Mike Young.

Do You Write Your Own Business Contracts?

By Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

If you create your own business contracts, unless you’re experienced business lawyer, chances are you’re creating a bunch of legal risks for your company with each deal.

Because most people who don’t actively practice business don’t know how to identify all of the important issues that must be covered in a commercial agreement…and they don’t know how to write the contract’s terms and conditions in a way that’s legally binding either.

Equally important, there are some things you never put in a business contract. Not only can these items expose your company to civil liability…but they can even be a crime.

Would you perform heart surgery on yourself? Of course not.

Because the risks to your health are too great.

The same is true of being your own business lawyer. If you don’t have the knowledge and experience to do it right, the down side to getting things wrong is an unacceptable risk.

If you need help preparing or revising contracts for your company, it’s time to speak with an experienced business lawyer.