Michel Fortin Discusses How to Succeed in Business Online

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copywritingIn his recent blog post, Disillusioned Copywriter Demands The Truth, Michel Fortin reveals fundamental truths about how to succeed in business both as a copywriter and online as an Internet marketer.

Fortin’s post is worth reading at least twice because you will miss some of it the first time through. I recommend reading it once, taking a 15-minute break to analyze what you just read, and then come back for a second look.

Some key things to note from Fortin’s advice are: Read More

Blogger Successfully Sued For Making Defamatory Posts

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If your business is damaged by blog postings, here’s something to consider. A college student set up a blog that attacked a journalist. The journalist successfully sued the blogger in a California small claims court for libel and tortious business interference.
Something to consider if a disgruntled former employee, competitor, or other malcontent starts trashing your business online.