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Lawyers – Special Report Reveals How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When You Hire One

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Ever had a bad experience hiring an attorney? Know someone who has?

There are many reasons why this occurs but most of them can be prevented if you know the secrets to retaining counsel.

I’ve just released a special report that teaches you seven powerful ways that you can reduce your legal fees by thousands of dollars (or more) during your lifetime…and still get great legal service in the process. For example, you’ll learn what most lawyers don’t want you to know about billing by the hour, how to decipher your legal bills, and much more…way too much to cover here.

Why am I revealing these secrets?

Because a relationship between you and your lawyer should be based on the truth. Both of you are much happier when there is mutual trust and respect.
To get your free copy of this special report, just click the following link: How to Hire a Lawyer Without Getting Ripped Off.

Buy-Sell Agreements Can Protect Ownership of Your Business

By Internet Lawyer

A buy-sell agreement, also known as a buy-and-sell agreement, allows business owners to make arrangements by contract for surviving owners to buy out the interest of a co-owner who dies or decides to leave the company. Whether your business operates as a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability company, a buy-sell agreement can help you plan for the future.
This type of contract can provide for mandatory or optional purchases of an owner’s interest upon death, divorce, bankruptcy, retirement, and other events. Because you, your co-owners, and your company operate under unique circumstances, a one-size-fits-all approach usually doesn’t cut it when creating a buy-sell agreement.

You should prepare to make the best of all circumstances that can trigger a buyout so that your business continues operating and each owner benefits from the advance planning made in the buy-sell agreement.

And because circumstances often change both on a business and personal level, it is important to have any existing buy-sell agreement reviewed on a regular basis with your lawyer to ensure that it still accurately reflects what you want.

A Third Dallas Airport?

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If you’ve ever had to catch a plane at Love Field while stuck in a traffic jam on the Dallas Tollway or had to spend a couple hours driving round trip to and from the D/FW Airport, then a proposed Collin County commercial airport in McKinney, Texas may be just the right solution.

Consultants find it feasible to expand Collin County Regional Airport. There’s a demand for it among North Texas residents and businesses.

However, you can expect opposition from D/FW Airport, American Airlines (hubbed there), and the politicians they own.

The political solution is to woo Southwest Airlines.


SWA is capped at Love Field on the number of gates it can use and interstate flights are still restricted because of former House Speaker Jim Wright. Collin County Regional can handle Southwest’s 737s.

This is a prime opportunity for the airline to gain a bigger market share at AA’s expense…and create a very loyal following in North Texas.
Hat tip to Roy Appleton at the Dallas Morning News.

A Neat Way To Exercise While At Your Computer

By Internet Lawyer

During my flight to Orlando for JVAlertLive, I sat next to Sharon Odom Fling, an Internet Business Consultant who was on her way to StomperNet. If you need an online consultant, contact her by clicking here.

From a health and fitness standpoint, however, you’ve got to check out her laptop/treadmill combination.

Rather than sitting all day at a desk, you could burn calories and build muscle while walking and typing at the same time.*

…That’s it for this week.

Any questions or comments, please e-mail them to me by clicking here.


A Good Year For Buying And Selling Businesses?

By Internet Lawyer

Business brokers think this will be a great year for purchases and sales of businesses. One of the factors cited is Baby Boomer retirement. This will only increase during the next several years as they look to cash out their equity in small businesses to fund retirement.

If you’re considering buying one of these businesses, be sure that you’re not overpaying. Many small business owners have an overinflated view of the value of their enterprises, mistaking personal pride for something that should be part of the purchase price.

One common red flag to consider is the seller who operates with two sets of books – one for the IRS and one which he uses to justify the asking price for his business.

Run, don’t walk, away from such an “opportunity.” The person who commits tax fraud will cut corners elsewhere, leaving you with liability exposure that will outweigh the upside of the deal.