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Can You Use Your Gym Members In Marketing?

By Business Contracts, Business Lawyer
texas gym member photo example for marketing

When you’re marketing your gym, is it okay to use photos or videos of your gym members to do so?

Generally, you’ll want your gym members (and your guests) to sign a media release that lets you use them in your marketing…whether it’s paid ads, social media posts (e.g., Facebook), or YouTube videos.

Otherwise, you could be subject to a shakedown demand for money to compensate for use without permission.

What about kids?

You’ll want a parent or legal guardian to sign a media release on behalf of the child.

Note that the media release is separate from the liability waiver and gym membership agreement you’ll be having signed. Each document serves its own purpose and it endangers enforceability to try to combine them into one document.

If you need help with a media release or other gym document, you may want to schedule a phone consultation with Business Contracts Lawyer Mike Young.