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Who should perform your Professional Website Legal Diagnostic?

By Internet Lawyer

To make sure that your Professional Website Legal Diagnostic is done right, you will want to have the review done by an experienced lawyer who focuses on Internet business transactions.

There are fine general business lawyers out there who know very little about Internet law. If you hire one of them to perform your Professional Website Legal Diagnostic, chances are they will miss important legal dangers that should be fixed on your website. That’s like hiring your general family doctor to perform heart surgery. You might live through the operation but your odds of doing so are better when you hire an experienced heart surgeon instead.

Even if you find an experienced Internet lawyer, make sure the attorney is the right type to perform a Professional Website Legal Diagnostic.

Some Internet attorneys are trial lawyers who focus on suing and defending website owners in lawsuits. This is expensive damage control after the fact. In other words, once you’ve screwed something up, they’re either suing you on behalf of a client or representing you when you’ve been sued.

On the other hand, an experienced lawyer who focuses on Internet business transactions can do a better job performing your Professional Website Legal Diagnostic because the goal is to keep you out of legal trouble in the first place. The goal of this lawyer is to prevent lawsuits and government investigations. This means affordable prevention instead of expensive damage control.

How To Find An Internet Lawyer

By Internet Lawyer
find internet lawyer

Find an Internet lawyer

Are you looking for an Internet lawyer?

The term “Internet lawyer” can mean many things. Before looking for an Internet attorney, you may want to consider what type of legal help you need from one.

For example, do you need a legal professional to sue someone, to defend you in a lawsuit, to represent your online business, or to help you protect your intellectual property?

What does an Internet lawyer do?

An Internet lawyer often focuses on a few niches in cyber law. These include:

  • Internet business transactions (contracts, joint ventures, buying and selling web businesses)
  • Website legal protection (website privacy policies, membership agreements, etc.)
  • Defamation, spam, and privacy lawsuits
  • Intellectual property protection (copyrights, service marks, trademarks, and patents)
  • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration)

When comparing Internet lawyers, you’ll want to know which of these niches you’ll need help with the most so you can make an informed decision as to who can best represent you.

Business Attorney or Internet Lawyer

Very few business attorneys understand Internet law. This means that you’re paying them to learn about it when you hire them to handle a legal matter.

On the other hand, many Internet attorneys represent businesses both in their online and offline activities. When you retain a Web lawyer who focuses on e-commerce, there’s a good chance he can handle many of your business legal needs as part of the representation.

Advantages of Hiring an eCommerce Attorney

Unless you’re involved with a lawsuit, your Internet lawyer probably doesn’t even need to meet you in person in order to represent you. This saves you time and money.

Instead, you will communicate with each other mostly by e-mail, telephone, and sometimes using a service like Skype.

This means you can get an Internet attorney who practices law in a different city than where you live. In fact, there may not even be an Internet law firm in your hometown because the field is so specialized.

Most other types of attorneys insist on meeting you face-to-face. This means you drive to an office, try to find parking, and pay for a meeting that could have taken a lot less time if you had simply talked with each other by phone.

How To Hire A Web Attorney

Once you have decided on the type of legal work you need done by an Internet lawyer, check out the websites of several Internet law firms to get a feel for what type of work they do and whether or not they really understand the Internet.

Pick one that’s a good match and schedule a confidential initial Legal Strategy Session with that Internet lawyer. Unless you like to waste time and money, it makes sense for that first meeting with the Web lawyer to be held by telephone instead of at an office.