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Google Faces Antitrust Action by US Justice Department

By Internet Lawyer

google antitrust litigationAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Department of Justice is considering an antitrust lawsuit against Google because of the company’s advertising strength. The government has hired a top trial attorney, deposed witnesses, and issued subpoenas.

Although I’m not an antitrust lawyer, I’m at a loss to see how Google has anything close to a monopoly in online advertising. If its terms become too burdensome, smaller competitors will grow at its expense. Let the free market handle the issue for now.

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Internet Marketing Legal Secrets Revealed Teleseminar Wednesday Night

By Internet Lawyer

Big Jason Henderson (6’11” and owner of is hosting a complimentary teleseminar on Wednesday night in which you can pick my brain about Internet law and marketing.

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Look forward to sharing with you on Wednesday night.

Facebook and MySpace Censorship – Is it a good thing?

By Internet Lawyer

Because of the controversial (and sometimes defamatory) content posted on social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, there are growing efforts to ban access or restrict content. Internet law professor Michael Geist contends that these efforts are misguided. I agree.

Social networking sites depend upon the free flow of information…the good, the bad, and the ugly. To artificially control the flow of this information undermines the very reason for their existence.

What about defamatory content? I’ve written about this issue previously: Are Fake MySpace Profiles Free Speech?

It is the responsibility of parents (not the government or schools) to control the behavior of their children. Where the parents drop the ball, there are judicial remedies for those who have been harmed because of what the kids have posted online.

Politicians need to keep their hands off of social networking sites in particular and the Internet in general. Nothing good can come of the heavy hand of government restricting speech online.