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Perry Belcher Returns?

By Internet Lawyer

Whether you’re an Internet attorney or not, you probably noted that Perry Belcher ‘retired’ from Internet marketing training in October 2009. You can read about it at Perry Belcher: Checkmate.

Despite a massive Twitter info product launch and Twitter followers allegedly exceeding 100,000, Belcher deleted just about everything as part of his “retirement.” Blog posts and most followers simply disappeared.

Rather than take a covert role working with his partner as the front man, Perry appears to be recreating his public image again.

Here are some handy links to keep track of what Perry Belcher is up to these days.

As I wrote in October 2008, “The post was not an attack on Belcher but rather a warning to all Internet marketers about the type of behavior that draws unwanted attention from the government.”

The same holds true for this post.

Watch what he does and says.

If Perry Belcher re-assumes “guru” status or starts speaking from the stage again, you’ll know the retirement is over. At that point, there will probably be more than an Internet attorney or two watching what he does. Regardless, it will make an excellent case study of the do’s and don’ts of Internet marketing.

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Perry Belcher: Checkmate

By Internet Lawyer

perry-belcher-checkmatePer his post today, Perry Belcher: Turning the Page (see update below), Belcher has quit Internet marketing training. There were a variety of reasons why this happened. Some of them are listed in Belcher’s post. It appears that he has substantially shut down most sites and his Twitter account.

You can find more information on the Perry Belcher Internet marketing saga at the following links:

Perry Belcher: Criminal Records Now Available for Download

Perry Belcher: Internet Marketer Pleads Guilty and Forfeits Assets

Perry Belcher: The Arrest of an Internet Marketer

The Salty Droid Blog (contains adult language)

The Truth about Perry Belcher Internet Marketer

I have no doubt that Perry Belcher will continue marketing online behind-the-scenes. Today’s announcement is essentially an abdication of guru status for purposes of public speaking, big launches in his own name, etc. If he stays within the boundaries of the law and adds value in his future business dealings, he will undoubtedly succeed over the long term. Personally, I hope that he does.

Remember that the purpose of bringing the Perry Belcher arrest and guilty plea to light was to serve as a warning to others. Whether you think Perry Belcher is a saint or a sinner, he took certain actions that put him in the government cross-hairs as a target. If you take the same actions, you’re risking the same negative consequences (or worse).

Update: Belcher is back in business after relocating to Austin, Texas from Tennessee, and partnering up with Ryan Deiss.

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