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Internet Scammers Banned

By Internet Lawyer

internet lawyer and scamsThere is no gray area when it comes to Internet scams. You’re either for Internet con artists or against them.

As an Internet lawyer, I believe that now is the time for clarity on this issue. Today, I am drawing a line in the sand. ..

If you are an Internet scam artist, do not contact my business about legal representation.

And just to be on the safe side, I’m pushing the line a little further in favor of ethics.

Do not contact me about legal representation if you…

  • Sell or promote make money online (MMO) products unless you can provide written proof in a form acceptable to me that your net annual income from your online business is at least $100,000 for the past three (3) years excluding income earned selling MMO products.
  • Own or represent a network marketing venture
  • Sell or promote business opportunities (biz opps) that violate the FTC Business Opportunity Rule.
  • Sell or promote alternative health products with claims that cannot be directly substantiated with reputable published peer-reviewed studies.
  • Directly or indirectly market to individuals using telephone “boiler rooms.”
  • Use religion as a means to manipulate prospects into purchasing from you.
  • If your business doesn’t fit one of the above categories, you may be eligible for legal help.

    internet ethics council membership

    However, if you become a client, you are expected to abide by the Internet Ethics Council’s (IEC) Code of Professional Responsibility whether or not you are a member of the IEC…

    Rule 1. We follow the Internet Marketing Golden Rule, that is, we treat our clients with the same courtesy and respect that we would like to receive as a client.
    Rule 2. We follow all applicable Internet and e-mail marketing laws and regulations to the best of our ability.
    Rule 3. We provide our website visitors and clients with at least two valid ways to contact us with questions or concerns.
    Rule 4. We respond to client service inquiries within two (2) business days.
    Rule 5. We use clear Privacy Policies, Terms of Use, and Returns Policies to fully explain our relationships with website visitors and clients, including the type of personal information that we collect and how that data is used by us or others.
    Rule 6. We offer at least a 30-day refund policy from date of initial purchase and honor timely refund requests within five (5) business days of receipt.
    Rule 7. We fully disclose payment and all other material terms of offers made to prospective purchasers.

    In other words, if you run an ethical business that delivers value, you’re exactly the type of person I’d like to help put into place the right Internet legal shield to protect you.

    Internet Attorney Mike Young is the Internet Squire

    David Athey: MLM Spammer Wins Prizes

    By Internet Lawyer
    david athey spammer

    Is spammer David Athey stupid?

    Who is David Athey?

    That’s a good question. I’ve had no dealings with David Athey until today. David Athey is the MLM / network marketer who spammed my inbox today with his flopportunity.

    David Athey Spam Email

    Here’s the text of the spam email received today from David Athey. I’ve redacted only contact info from it.

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject:     Michael Young?
    Date:     Mon, 22 Aug 2011 04:13:18 -0500
    From:     David Athey <>
    To:     [the Internet lawyer I was dumb enough to spam]

    Hello Michael

    My name is David Athey, I am contacting you from my home in Pagosa Springs Colorado.  For about nine-years I have run my own home business, and I have a question to ask you.

    If there was a business that actually made sense, you could earn $20-$50K in the next 6-12 months working part-time from home; you didn’t have to stock, sell, collect money or deliver products, there is no large investment, no strings, and absolutely no one can get hurt, would you be open to learning more about it?

    The company is an established online catalog shopping company with competitively priced, environmentally friendly household and personal care products.  They handle
    all the details and pay us on every order, every month, for the life of the client.
    Personally, we have about 200 clients who have been with us since that first year.

    In addition to that, our group has a specially developed leads system to keep our business partners supplied with quality leads, up to 400 qualified network marketer leads per-month at no cost to you  – we give them to you to help you grow.

    My first year, I worked hard and made about $70K from home with a computer and a telephone – no hotel meetings.  We did not have the leads program then, and I paid for leads.  For the past few years, my wife and I have been traveling in a luxury RV, we love the life style and love working with like-minded people all over the US and Canada.

    Please understand, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, initially it will take hard work and consistent effort, but if you are willing to learn, and work hard it pays very well
    on a residual level.

    Do you have 15-minutes so I can give you the details, and you can do your due diligence?   Naturally, there is no obligation, and you would never send me a dime in any event.

    Michael, is (***) ***-**** still a good number to reach you at in TX?
    So you know, your info came to us from a website you may have had, or a company directory, somewhere in the public domain.

    Please reply to this message, I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you for your time, and have a great day!


    David Athey

    This email was sent as Business-to-Business correspondence from David Athey POB-3862, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147, in compliance with the CAN SPAM act.  If you no longer wish to receive correspondence from me, please reply with   No Thank You  in the subject line.   Thank you again for your time.

    Deceptive David Athey

    David Athey apparently scraped my email address and phone number from some site and then pretended this was a Business-to-Business (B2B) communication instead of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), a.k.a. spam for his network marketing flopportunity. Note to David Athey — replying to your spam is an invitation for further spam from you and other jerks like you who swap and sell email lists.

    David Athey also plays cute with income claims. Note the weasel words used to imply that one “could earn $20-$50K in the next 6-12 months working part-time from home; you didn’t have to stock, sell, collect money or deliver products, there is no large investment, no strings, and absolutely no one can get hurt, would you be open to learning more about it?” Name one MLM / network marketing company where these claims are typical for the average person who joins?

    Prizes Won by David Athey today

    • Inquiry to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about David Athey’s violations of federal law.
    • Inquiry to the Colorado and Texas Attorneys General about David Athey’s violations of state law.
    • Inquiry to the Texas Comptroller and Texas Secretary of State about whether David Athey has qualified to do business in the state.

    Congratulations to spammer David Athey. He’s hit the jackpot by making the decision to spam an Internet lawyer.

    Internet Lawyer: Federal Trade Commission Proposed BizOpp Rule

    By Internet Lawyer

    As an Internet lawyer, I originally considered titling this Federal Trade Commission-related post “How To Dupe Marketers Into Paying Capitol Hill Lobbyists” but thought I’d be kind.

    For those who have been following the issue, the Federal Trade Commission promulgated a proposed business opportunity rule in April that would essentially destroy MLM/network marketing and curtail the online marketing of business opportunities in general because of draconian disclosure requirements. These disclosures would include earnings disclaimers, contact information for 10 purchasers, etc. If you’re a masochist, Internet lawyer, or have insomnia, here is a link to the proposed rule.
    After receiving tens of thousands of hostile public comments, the FTC has made no decision.

    However, some online marketers are panicking because they haven’t talked with their Internet lawyer…and the lobbyists are hyping the bogeyman to generate more work.

    I telephoned one of the people handling the proposal at the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Marketing Practices. No rule is imminent. There may never be a rule. There may be hearings. There may be workshops.

    There may be a modified rule sometime in the future. That’s likely because the government prefers to control through a combination of taxes and regulation.
    If an online marketer decides to pay for lobbying on the issue, make sure that the recipient isn’t the business of Redundant, Irrelevant & Redundancy. In plain English, make sure the money is actually being spent on something worthwhile instead of duplicating work already being done by others, such as the MLM/network marketing organizations. It is naive to think that the Amways, Primericas, and Mary Kays of the world are going to do nothing as they’re regulated out of business by the Federal Trade Commission. Because I’m an Internet lawyer, I’ll be following this issue closely and probably will post updates if something significant happens.