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Teleseminar Speaker Agreement – How To Benefit From Using One

By November 8, 2013October 22nd, 2017Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

teleseminar speaker agreementWhat exactly is a teleseminar speaker agreement?

Teleseminar speaker contracts are contracts businesses use when they want to have an external speaker to give a speech, presentation, Q&A session, or be interviewed via audio-conference.

Typically, these legally binding contracts will identify the speech’s subject matter, provide technological and logistical details of the speaking event, and the payment details (if any) for the speaker.

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What goes into a typical teleseminar speaker contract?

Teleseminar speaker agreements are fairly short legal documents that are written in language most business people can understand, consisting of a few pages of simple terms, including the following.

1. Guidelines as to the content of the speech and what the hosting organization and the audience hopes to gain from the experience.

2. How the speaker is to be paid. For teleseminars, “payment” often simply consists of promoting the speaker’s products and services as part of giving the presentation.

3. Provisions indicating who owns the text and content of the speech, and what rights does the non-owner have to the speech. For example, will the speaker retain copyright ownership while licensing to the host, or vice versa?

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4. A breakdown of the technological and logistical details of the teleseminar speaking engagement, including date and time, call-in numbers for speaker and audience, and the communications software that will be used.

5. Frequently there’s a clause explaining that the views expressed are solely those of the speaker, not the teleseminar host.

Teleseminar speakers and hiring organizations both benefit from a teleseminar speaker agreement that is put together well.

The teleseminar speaker will benefit from knowing in advance exactly what they are expected to do and what they will be paid.

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The host benefits from knowing ahead of time what kind of presentation they will be hearing and the exact costs of the speaking engagement.

Are you looking for help writing your own teleseminar speaker agreement?

Does your organization need a teleseminar speaker contract?

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