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Does A Texas Martial Arts Contract Have To Comply With The Health Spa Act?

By January 16, 2018June 9th, 2020Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

Texas Martial Arts Contract Agreement And Health Spa Act ComplianceBiggest Texas Martial Arts Contract Mistake

One of the most common legal mistakes made in the Lone Star State by instructors is to have students sign a Texas martial arts contract that violates the state’s Health Spa Act. This is important because a contract that violates the Act is void, can lead to lawsuits, and result in penalties.

There are two reasons this mistake is made.

First, most martial arts center owners don’t know the law even exists.

Second, of those owners who do know about the law, they incorrectly believe it only applies to Texas gym membership agreements.

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Although there are exceptions to the Health Spa Act, simply being a martial arts studio, center, or dojo isn’t one of them.

How The Health Spa Act Applies

Under the Act, a “‘health spa‘ means a business that offers for sale, or sells, memberships that provide the members instruction in or the use of facilities for a physical exercise program.” Tex. Occ. Code § 702.003(4).

The Act also states “‘facilities’ means the equipment, physical structures, improvements, including improvements to leasehold premises, and other tangible property, including saunas, whirlpool baths, gymnasiums, running tracks, swimming pools, shower areas, racquetball courts, martial arts equipment, and exercise equipment, that are located at a health spa and used to conduct the business of the health spa.” Tex. Code § 702.003(3).

According to Dallas Contracts Lawyer Mike Young, based on his experience dealing with the issue for martial arts center owners, the Texas Secretary of State’s Registration Division considers martial arts centers to be within the Act.

Getting Help With Your Martial Arts Center Membership Agreement

Do you own a martial arts center in the Lone Star State? Are you unsure if your Texas martial arts contract complies the law? Schedule a telephone consultation with Attorney Young today to get help.

IMPORTANT: Attorney Young represents owners of Texas martial arts centers and gyms.

Do not contact us if you are a member trying to get out of your contract.

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