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Webinar Agreement – How To Protect Yourself As Webinar Host

By September 3, 2013October 16th, 2017Business Contracts, Business Lawyer, Internet Lawyer

webinar agreementWhat is a webinar agreement?

A webinar agreement is a contract between the webinar promoter (the host) and a speaker/guest who will particpate in a webinar, which is essentially a Web-based seminar.

These contracts define when the webinar will take place, the type of webinar and its content, compensation (if any), and various logistical details relating to the staging of the webinar.

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What does a typical webinar contract entail?

While webinar agreements can cover a number of details, it is still not uncommon for a such agreements to be well-structured, easy-to-understand, and relatively short. Typically a webinar agreement will address or contain:

1. Relatively detailed descriptions of the content and structure of the webinar as well as a statement as to what both host and presenter hope to achieve or get out of the experience.

2. A payment provision stating what the payment will be (if any), and when it will be paid.

3. A listing of logistical details such as when the webinar will be conducted, and the technical requirements for the Internet technology involved.

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4. A copyright or intellectual property clause making clear that the webinar presentations and any associated content such as handouts (e.g. digital downloads) are and will remain the sole copyrighted intellectual property of the webinar promoter. In some instances, the presenter will also receive a limited license to use webinar recordings.

Well written and structured webinar agreements help both promoters and speakers stage a webinar by providing clear and succinct guidelines explaining what each side expects to get out of the experience and technical guidelines for the staging of the webinar presentation.

Need help with your own agreement?

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