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Buy an Internet Business but Avoid Microsoft’s LinkedIn Mistake

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As an Internet Lawyer who represents clients buying and selling ecommerce companies, I know there are deals to be had, particularly when acquiring niche sites that are privately owned. However, large publicly traded companies like Microsoft (MSFT) can rarely take advantage of these types of profitable acquisitions because the dollar…

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Stolen Valor Marketing: Targeting Military Veterans

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There’s a company called “Moving Masters” that appears to be promoting itself online by stolen valor marketing, that is, hijacking the heroism of America’s war heroes to sell relocation services to veterans and senior citizens. The company website claims that it is “an American owned and operated moving company whose…

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Software Developer Nondisclosure Agreement: 5 Issues to Cover

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If you’re developing an app, you can benefit from having a signed software developer nondisclosure agreement (NDA) when dealing with clients and competitors. For example, in a recent lawsuit, a software developer claimed that its rival engaged in misconduct, including breach of a nondisclosure agreement. The jury agreed and awarded…

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