How to Trade Your Services for Internet Business Ownership

If you’re looking for multiple streams of income to support you, trading your services in exchange for equity in Internet companies is one way to accomplish your goal. From computer programming to search engine marketing, the possibilities are endless if you have a skill set that others want to use. How do you trade your skills for business equity? Typically, you’ll want to a hybrid package of compensation where you’re paid a portion in money and the balance for your services in equity consisting of corporate stock or LLC membership interests. How much equity should you receive when you barter your services? It depends upon what you bring to the table and how much your client needs your services. Which Internet companies are most receptive to giving you equity in exchange for services? Small ecommerce businesses and startups that haven’t obtained venture capital are your best bets cutting a deal […]

5 Disclosures and Disclaimers for Your Website

Whether they’re part of your website’s “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use,” or a separate legal document, your site should include disclosures and disclaimers to provide transparency to visitors plus reduce your potential legal liability. There is no one-size-fits-all set of disclosures and disclaimers because the content of each website is different. For example, a website that sells children’s clothing will need different legal language than a site that sells nutritional supplements to retirees. However, here are five of the common types of disclosures and disclaimers you’ll see on websites. 1. Material Connection Disclosures. In essence, a material connection is the connection to a product or service being promoted on a site. Whether you’re the site owner, or an author whose article is posted on someone else’s site, you need to disclose material connections so that consumers can make an informed decision when purchasing the recommended products and services. Perhaps […]

3 Protections You Should Include in Your Website’s Membership Agreement

When you’re running a membership site, it’s important to have a membership agreement, that is, a legally binding contract that identifies the respective rights and responsibilities of you as the website owner and your customers as members. A good membership agreement prevents confusion, protects your site content, and provides you with remedies for member misconduct. Here three things you should include in your site’s membership contract. 1. Scope of Membership License. What are your members allowed to do with the content they can access on your membership site? Many customers mistakenly believe they can download and use all of your site’s content as they see fit. There are even unethical people out there who will sign up for a membership site, scrape all the valuable content on the site, and then repackage and sell what they’ve scraped. In essence, you’ve created the content but after paying a small membership fee […]