Never make this mistake when you sign contracts

business contract signaturesWhen you’re about to enter a business deal, never assume the contract handed to you by the other side is going to be fair.

Here’s why…

If the other party’s lawyer prepared it, the contract will be written to screw you.

Even worse, the other party could have patched together the agreement without a lawyer. This is a recipe for a lawsuit because the contract will be a mess.

Now how do you prevent this?

The easiest way is to get an experienced business contracts lawyer to prepare an agreement you can use as a template for your deals.

Most importantly, this means the other side starts negotiating from a contract template that’s stacked in your favor.

Of course, if you don’t already have a professionally prepared contract to protect you, you’ll want to check out our Business Contract Legal Protection Package.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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