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Software Licensing Agreements: What You Need To Know About Software Licenses

Never Get Screwed By A Software License Again!

In the Quick Legal Guide "Software Licensing Agreements: What You Need To Know About Software Licenses," Software Lawyer Mike Young reveals what you need to know about software licensing. This book is an essential reference guide -- whether you're licensing software to others or getting a license to use software.

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About the Book

The “Software Licensing Agreements” Quick Legal Guide by Software Lawyer Mike Young reveals…

  • What a software license really is (most people don’t know)
  • How to customize a software license to get what you want — whether you’re the one giving or receiving the license
  • 11 popular software licenses and what each does
  • What is an open source license and how to use it
  • 7 common open source licenses you’ll want to consider
  • Why you should never use a particular license for open source software
  • What are public domain software applications
  • Why borrowing a software license could cost you a fortune — and what to do instead

A Quick Start Checklist gives you simple steps to crafting the software license you want. And there’s a Resources section at the end of the guide to essential software licensing materials. Claim your copy today.

Series: Quick Legal Guides
Genre: Business Law
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Internet Attorneys Association LLC
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: B07N7315RQ
ISBN: 1942226020
List Price: 12.95
eBook Price: 4.99
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About the Author
Mike Young, Esq.

Since 1994, Internet Lawyer Mike Young has helped business clients prevent and solve legal problems. President of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC, Mike has a law office in Plano, Texas (a Dallas suburb). Happily married, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, walking his dogs, and self-defense training.

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