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Keys to a Successful Mobile App Development Agreement

By November 25, 2013September 21st, 2017Software Agreements, Software Lawyer

mobile app development agreementMost mobile apps are developed for companies by independent contractors per a mobile app development agreement rather than in-house by employees.

However, misunderstanding frequently occurs because the scope of work is not clearly defined.

Under such circumstances, the company often feels cheated by an app that lacks features that management wanted and/or the developer becomes upset because the work exceeds the time factored in when bidding on the project.

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You’ll need a written mobile app development agreement

To reduce problems, it’s important to have a written mobile app agreement negotiated and signed by the parties that accurately covers the work to be done, the terms of payment, ownership of intellectual property, and deadlines.

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If English is not the primary language of the mobile app developer, it becomes even more critical that the agreement be in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Determine exactly what you want your mobile app to do before selecting a developer

Before contracting with someone to code an app for your business, you should determine in advance exactly what you want the app to do and the platforms on which you want it to run. There will be different requirements, experience, and skill sets involved depending upon the criteria you establish.

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There many developers who focus on creating apps for Apple iOS or Google Android OS. However, there are fewer developers who have a successful track record of developing for both operating systems.

What about mobile app social media integration?

For instance, if the proposed app is supposed to integrate with Facebook or Google+, the developer should have proven experience doing this type of work. A company should not pay extra for an app developer to learn how to do this for the first time.

On the other hand, it’s unfair to spring a demand for social media integration on a developer in the middle of the project without expecting there to be additional compensation and an extension of time for performance.

Take into account mobile app maintenance when selecting a developer

When selecting a mobile app developer, it’s important to remember that bug fixes will be needed, and it’s likely there will need to be new versions of the app to reflect changes in the platforms.

What works well with Apple iOS and Google Android OS today may not work with the next version of either operating system. For these reasons, a mobile app development agreement should cover ongoing maintenance of the app too.

If you need a mobile app development agreement, either as a company or a developer, or simply want to make sure your existing agreement adequately protects you, it’s time to speak with a qualified Internet legal professional. Note that we offer a flat fee Software Development Legal Protection Package.

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