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How To Modify A Software Development Agreement

How To Modify A Software Development AgreementAmit wanted to modify a software development agreement to reflect requests his client had made to change the project’s scope of work (SOW).

Of course, Amit had told the client there would be more costs because of the extra work he’d have to do. And the client wanted a quick turnaround. So Amit charged a premium for working nights and weekends to meet the deadline.

Yet Amit never found the time to change the software contract to cover the new work and fees.

When the project ended, the client refused to pay for the extra work. It would have cost more for Amit to sue the client than the amount owed. And he didn’t have anything in writing to prove the client had agreed to pay more.

Now Amit could have avoided this problem.

Are you a software developer? Or do you own a business that outsources app development?

Then it makes sense to use an agreement that lets you easily revise the contract to reflect changes in the SOW.

Need help with your app development contract?

Or do you want to modify a software development agreement…but you don’t know how? It’s time to talk with Software Lawyer Mike Young. You’ll want to book a phone consultation today.

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