Internet Law Firm: Marketer – Will You Sell Me Your Integrity?

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As the owner of an Internet law firm, let me play Devil’s Advocate…

Is the real “you” for sale? If so, how much do you want for your integrity?

Don’t take it personally. Almost every major Internet info product marketer sells themselves these days. I’m just playing the numbers by asking what your sales price happens to be.

Let’s call it “Hidden Continuity of the Soul.” With each dishonest transaction, you throw in a little piece of your ethics as a bonus.

If I buy your get-rich-quick product that doesn’t work, how much of you do I get with it? Frankly, it ought be worth at least 10 minutes of lost sleep. How about a deep sense of shame when you look at yourself in the mirror. You can still do that, right?

Or have you done it for so long that there’s simply nothing left to sell? There’s no “you” left.

If that’s the case, I guess that congratulations are in order. You’ve become a sociopath. You’re the dream defendant when an Internet law firm gets involved on behalf of someone you’ve screwed.

At that point, you’ll be able to justify any means to accomplish your ends in Internet marketing. Because there’s no substance left, like a chameleon you’ll be able to change your public face quickly to sell big ticket items of little value.

From “Good Christian” to “Rebel Stoner” the possibilities are endless because you know that there’s more than one sucker born per minute. When in Rome, you’re a Roman. The money, not the man behind the mask, is what counts.

Because everything comes with a price, ask yourself this question? Did I get a reasonable return on my investment? Has it really been worth it to you?

If not, you probably owe some apologies. Start with yourself. How could you sell your integrity so cheaply? Then apologize to your victims…and get out of Internet marketing.

Now if you haven’t sold your integrity, let me congratulate you.

What do you think of this issue?

You can drop me an e-mail through the contact form.

For the ethical entrepreneur reading this, to your success!

-Mike, Internet law firm owner

Internet Marketing Scams: What’s Hot in 2009

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Unbalanced by the recession and trying to recover from falling price points and conversion rates, many Internet marketers are tossing away ethics to pike anything and everything in the hopes of making a few bucks.

Four major themes dominate 2009.

1. Teleseminars/Webinars to Dupe Newbies. Because there is a constant churn of newbies, marketers are using teleseminars/webinars to sell content with dubious value. Typically, this includes methods that might have worked 3-5 years ago online but don’t anymore because (a) the market has changed, and (b) everybody else has fished the same waters (the profits have already been taken by others).

2. Praise Jesus. There’s certainly nothing wrong with being religious. However, there is a problem with finding religion in order to sell your products to someone who really is religious. With all the sincerity of the Farting Preacher, these marketers pitch everything by liberally sprinkling “Jesus,” “God,” “Christian” etc. into their sales pitches for the sole purpose of fleecing the flock. When you see an online marketer doing this, think of Read More

Online Marketing: 10 Bad Tactics You Should Avoid

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Just held a contest where I identified 5 deceptive online marketing practices and selected 5 more winners from submissions by online marketers. If you’re involved with Internet marketing, read the following to learn the 10 deceptive tactics. These are things that you should avoid doing in your online business and think twice before buying a product or service from an Internet marketer who uses them. While everyone can make a mistake now and then, the seller who applies one deceptive practice probably does others too.

I appreciate all those who submitted their complaints about bad
online marketing practices. It took several hours, but I read
every single one. Took a couple more hours to select the best from
a very competitive field. Here they are…

***The 5 Winning Submissions***

Here’s the five selected as the best Read More

Pig Sty Internet Marketers – Four Warning Signs

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pig sty internet marketingIf you hang out in a pig sty, you’re going to get some mud on you. When you’re doing business with Internet marketers, be very careful that you’re not getting into a sty that permanently tarnishes your professional or personal reputation.

Don’t accept unethical conduct by rationalizing that “everyone is doing it” or that it is the “key to becoming wealthy online.” Both are false. There are plenty of successful Internet entrepreneurs who run honorable businesses.

Here are 4 warning signs that an Internet marketer is a filthy pig that Read More

Internet Marketer to Pay $200,000 to FTC For Deceptive Advertising

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An online marketer settled FTC charges against it by agreeing to provide consumer-friendly disclosures and paying $200K to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In addition to allegedly violating the CAN-SPAM Act by sending spam e-mails, the company was accused of advertising free products that in fact required consumers to jump through a bunch of hoops by paying for other products or services or otherwise incurring obligations (such as having to apply for credit cards) in order to receive the “free” gifts.

What’s the importance of this decision? It emphasizes that the federal government will continue to make examples of those who engage in anti-consumer practices. As a general rule, there’s nothing wrong with offers that contain “free” products or services. But that requires clear disclosures so that no one is fooled into thinking the offer has no strings attached. In addition, one needs to pay special attention to the laws governing unsolicited commercial email (spam). No one likes spam. It is bad marketing and it is against the law.

If you have questions about what is legal and isn’t, you should consult your Internet attorney before engaging in an activity online. It doesn’t do your business good to make a profit selling something only to have it taken away in government fines and legal fees defending yourself from allegations of wrongdoing.

Hat tip to InfoWorld.