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Pig Sty Internet Marketers – Four Warning Signs

pig sty internet marketingIf you hang out in a pig sty, you’re going to get some mud on you. When you’re doing business with Internet marketers, be very careful that you’re not getting into a sty that permanently tarnishes your professional or personal reputation.

Don’t accept unethical conduct by rationalizing that “everyone is doing it” or that it is the “key to becoming wealthy online.” Both are false. There are plenty of successful Internet entrepreneurs who run honorable businesses.

Here are 4 warning signs that an Internet marketer is a filthy pig that you should avoid.

1. The Internet marketer uses deceptive sales practices. Although intentional spamming is a great example, there’s a new one on the block. Some marketers are hiding their continuity programs in the fine print of their sales letters, and you’re suddenly getting billed monthly after making what you thought was a one-time purchase.

2. The Internet marketer treats his clients like dupes instead of people he wants to see succeed. Instead of trying to help, he’s trying to see how he can con his list yet another time.

3. The Internet marketer believes he is a celebrity. Although unknown outside of the info product arena, the Internet marketer gets an inflated ego after 1 or 2 product launches. Behavioral changes include wearing gaudy jewelry, leasing luxury sports cars he can’t afford, mistreating the “little people” (anyone he doesn’t know) because they don’t matter, and insisting on special perqs because of who he is (a legend in his own mind).

4. The Internet marketer abuses religion as a sales tool. Marketers who are ethical don’t make a big deal about their religion while speaking at events. They believe that actions speak louder than words. In contrast, pig sty marketers typically shroud themselves in religion, making repeated references to their church, mosque, or synagogue as a way to deceive you into thinking they will treat you right.

I’m sure there are more warning signs that you’re dealing with a pig sty marketer, but these are the ones that came to mind. If you can think of any, please add them as comments (don’t use the names or URLs of particular marketers in the comments).

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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