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Taking a resolution mulligan

By Internet Lawyer

The past year has been hell for many Internet marketers…bankruptcies, divorces (often triggered by debt), and even deaths in the family. I’ve seen all of these happen this year to clients and friends.

If you’ve hit some speed bumps in your business and personal life this year, how are you reacting to them?

Pretending they didn’t happen?
Accepting defeat?
Waiting for next year to create another set of New Year’s resolutions?

Why do any of these things?

In golf, a “mulligan” is a “do-over” when you hit the ball somewhere you wish you hadn’t. If this year hasn’t turned out the way you wanted in your online business, take a resolution mulligan now. Swing again. Be thankful that you can start over now.

You don’t have to beat yourself up or wait until January 1st. The police won’t come to your door and stop you from doing something right now to change where things are headed.

If Murphy’s Law has kicked you in the backside until now, consider the following.

  • You can learn what not to do in the future from going broke.
  • You are not what you own or what you do for a living.
  • The people you think are successful often aren’t no matter what yardstick you use to measure success.

Appreciate what you’ve learned in relationships that have now ended (by death, divorce, or otherwise). That’s a foundation for building newer and stronger relationships, often with people you haven’t even met yet.

To your happiness!


P.S. Make a commitment to spend the holidays with those closest to you. And be grateful you’re able to do it.

Website Attorney: The sharpest pencil in the box

By Internet Lawyer

website attorneySeems these days nearly everyone online is trying their hand at “hot” markets of dating, biz opp and health.

Of course, crowded markets lead to false and deceptive claims because desperate Internet marketers seek a competitive advantage. And that’s the type of thing the Federal Trade Commission cracks down on today. This makes a Website attorney happy for billing purposes but leaves many unhappy consumers who bought the products relying upon false claims.

But what about other niches? Let’s take pencil sharpening.

Pencil sharpening?  There’s a guy online who has a website specializing in “artisanal pencil sharpening.” For 15 bucks, he will manually sharpen your pencil and provide you with a “certificate of sharpening.”

Now, I don’t know the pencil artisan but I suspect he’s happy with his venture and doesn’t feel pressured by competition to make exaggerated claims about his services.

Food for thought when selecting your Internet niches.

To your online success!

-Mike the Website Attorney

P.S. Just a reminder…if you’re doing work as an independent contractor, you’ll want to bulletproof your projects with Freelance Protector.

Web Lawyer: Morrie’s doodling lesson for your business

By Website Lawyer

Web lawyer inventionMorrie Yohai just passed away at age 90. He invented Cheez Doodles.

Here’s a key lesson to learn from Morrie.

He didn’t create Cheez Doodles from scratch. Instead, he took an existing successful product (rippled corn chips) and modified it.

As your Web lawyer will tell you, you don’t have to invent something from scratch. More often than not, improving upon an existing product or service with a proven market is the way to go.

Of course, don’t fall into the dishonesty trap of some Internet marketers who are stealing other entrepreneurs’ products and repackaging them as something new. That’s not an invention or improvement. It’s theft.

To your online success!

-Mike the Web lawyer

P.S. If you’re outsourcing product development to freelancers, be sure to protect your ownership of the final product. To learn how, click here.

Internet Attorney: Beware of the psychic octopus in your business

By Internet Lawyer

There’s a German zoo that has a psychic octopus.

The octopus correctly predicts the winners of World Cup games, including the results of every game played by the German national team. And people are gambling based on these predictions.

Ridiculous? Absolutely.

As an Internet attorney, I see Internet marketers employing the same absurd concepts to their businesses. Instead of betting on an octopus’ predictions, they believe the unproven claims of a ‘guru’ on how to succeed.

Promises of fame and fortune are frequent. Actual results are not. Success leaves clues beyond bogus testimonials and a good sales letter promising you the moon.

Perform your due diligence when selecting a coach or mentor. When in doubt, talk with an Internet attorney who knows the guru.

To your success!

-Mike the Internet attorney

P.S. If you’ve been successfully coached by an Internet guru, please share your experience by posting a comment below or sending me an e-mail.