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Will Hackers’ War Against Scientology Cult Succeed?

By Internet Lawyer

There are few modern cults that generate more controversy and ridicule than Scientology.

In fact, anonymous hackers have released a new video declaring war on the cult.

Whether you support the right of Scientology to exist as a religion or believe is should be crushed as a dangerous cult, the unique issue posed is the ability of dissenters to use the Internet to literally seek the destruction of a multibillion-dollar enterprise. New media is going beyond the power that traditional journalists have had to disseminate information in a way to achieve desired objectives. Perhaps more significantly, it is being done without hiding behind fictitious “objective reporting” claims. The goal — destruction of Scientology — is clearly stated.

For an excellent recap on the current activities of Scientology, check out Dave Lakhani’s analysis:

Tom Cruise, Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, Mass Influence and Andrew Morton

In fact, Lakhani’s analysis, written before the hackers released their video, raises an interesting possibility. If publicizing persecution is a way to attract members to a cult, this hacker video indirectly promotes Scientology. Could it be that Scientologists released it as a manipulative Internet marketing tool? Stay tuned.

Facebook A Marketing Fiasco?

By Internet Lawyer

Client Andy Bourland has been weighing the pros and cons of Facebook as a marketing tool. Copywriting guru Michel Fortin has just concluded that the social networking site is not a viable marketing tool for his businesses.

My take is that, like MySpace, it is an absolute waste of time for most Internet marketers unless you’re willing to outsource the marketing to a virtual assistant who will work for a fraction of what an hour of your time is worth.

Are there social networking success stories? Absolutely. In fact, I met with Marc Freedman last Friday. He’s done very well with LinkedIn. Steve Iser, who I met when speaking at JVAlertLive in June, has done great things with MySpace. Yet they are both exceptions to the rule.

If you’re playing the odds, expect a higher rate of return on your personal time, energy, and money spent on marketing. Outsource the social networking.