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Meetup – How to Use it For Internet and Offline Marketing

By Internet Lawyer

If you haven’t checked out, do so immediately. You’ll find hundreds of different special interest groups holding regular meetings near where you live. Find a niche that you market to, join a group with the most regular attendees at its meetings, and attend at least a couple to get a flavor for your market. You’ll probably come up with a few product and service ideas just by talking to others who attend (your prospective clients).

Make sure you target groups that have the ability to pay you. For example, as part of my practice, I do work with authors and publishing companies. Yet it would be foolish to join a Meetup group of college student science fiction writers. They might need legal help but they’re broke.

If you really want to maximize the return on your time investment in Meetup, I recommend that you organize meetings for your niche market. You’ll be providing free help through content at those meetings but that puts them into your marketing funnel for later goods or services that you charge money to provide.

Let me give you two examples of how organizing meetings can be monetized.

Charles McKeever operates He organized a Meetup group for Internet entrepreneurs. After a few physical meetings at a Starbucks, Charles moved everyone online using webinars. He’s now established himself as an expert, built up a following for his website, and will be able to monetize it for years with his own products and services and through affiliate marketing.

In contrast, Pat Dougher runs local Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle operations for Mike Crow. In addition to, Pat uses Meetup to keep members informed about dates, times, and locations of meetings in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. At these meetings, Pat and guest speakers teach business owners the Dan Kennedy method of marketing. Attendees get special offers on Kennedy materials and can apply to participate in monthly mastermind meetings held by Pat and Mike.

Here’s a video on how a New York entrepreneur is using Meetup.

As you can see, Meetup is a versatile tool that allows you to target your niche for both online and offline marketing. So whether you want to attend events or organize them, check it out and see how you can profit by helping others.

If The Internet Shut Down, Would You Still Have A Business?

By Internet Lawyer

Although e-commerce is playing a bigger role, doing business via the Internet should not be mistaken for having an “Internet business.”

The Internet is a potent medium to reach others but it is not a stable business model in and of itself. If you aren’t operating offline too, you risk having no business.

An overstatement? Not really.

At one time, television infomercials were outlawed…and it destroyed enterprises that solely relied upon it to sell their goods and services.

The likelihood that the U.S. government would try that with the Internet is minimal…but it isn’t the biggest threat.

Yesterday, computer hackers took out at least 3 of the 13 root servers that serve as the Internet’s backbone. If they had succeeded in taking down the ‘Net, how much money would you have made yesterday?

Big online companies, such as eBay and, are diversifying into offline marketing. Solo Internet marketing gurus are doing the same.

Don’t put all of your eggs in the Internet basket. Those who are hacking it (including part of the Chinese army) could care less about the rule of law and you won’t be able to collect damages from them in a civil suit for lost business.

Post-9/11 Business Marketing Bombs

By Internet Lawyer

Boston residents panicked after nine blinking electronic devices were discovered near bridges. It was a stupid marketing campaign for a television show on Cartoon Network. The company should pay for law enforcement expenses associated with this fiasco…at a minimum. The executives who signed off on the campaign should be fired. 

This is similar to a promotional stunt for the movie Mission Impossible III last April. Newspaper racks in the Los Angeles area were fitted with red boxes and wires that resembled bombs.

Hollywood forgets 9/11. The public hasn’t. Don’t risk your business’ reputation playing cute with terrorism.

Marketing Versus Spamming MySpace

By Internet Lawyer

Although is officially a social networking site, as a practical matter it has been used since its inception for marketing. Music groups were the first to capitalize on it…now every one from lawyers to real estate investors are hopping on the bandwagon.

At some point, however, marketing crosses the line and becomes illegal spamming. MySpace’s parent company just sued an e-mail marketing executive for sending millions of spam bulletins. The big issue is where MySpace will draw the line. For now, at least, it seems that sending up to 300 communications daily is okay. Hat tip to Fusion Web FX.

Congress Weighs In On “Radio-Like Services”

By Internet Lawyer

RIAA’s congressional prostitutes are trying to push through the “Platform Equality and Remedies for Rights Holders in Music Act.” What will it do? Give RIAA more power to sue anyone and everyone instead of evolving to compete in the marketplace.

The law is designed so that RIAA can shake down anyone who uses “radio-like services.” This includes music via cable, Internet, and even portable satellite radio devices. Imagine recording something you paid for with a satellite radio subscription and find RIAA shaking you down for playing the music later.