Texas Gym Membership Contracts And Peeping Toms

texas gym membership contracts peeping tomsA woman has sued a Houston gym because a man recorded video of her showering at the fitness facility. Will the gym owner be liable for the conduct of someone else committing an illegal act on the premises? Perhaps. One thing is clear — if you own a gym (or martial arts studio) in the Lone Star State, there are certain things you can do to limit your legal liability exposure by having the right Texas gym membership contracts in place.

Types Of Texas Gym Membership Contracts

In fact, there are at least three business contracts every Texas gym owner should use to reduce legal risks. See 3 Texas Gym Membership Agreements Every Owner Needs.

In addition to limiting liability for the misconduct of others, your gym contracts should also comply with the state’s Health Spa Act. You can learn more about this by reading 7 Things You Must Include In A Texas Gym Membership Contract.

Where To Get Help With Your Gym’s Legal Agreements?

If you own a Texas gym and need help with your contracts, set up a phone consultation with Business Lawyer Mike Young today.

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