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3 Texas Gym Membership Agreements Every Owner Needs

By October 11, 2018June 9th, 2020Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

Texas Gym Membership Agreements Every Owner NeedsDo you own a Texas fitness center or a martial arts studio? There are three Texas gym membership agreements you’ll want to have to protect yourself.

1. Standard Membership Contract. This contract is standard only in the sense that you’ll have it signed by members when they join. Yet it’s customized on the front end by an experienced business lawyer to protect you.

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What you need will vary based on various factors, including:

  • activities at your facility
  • types of memberships
  • payment methods
  • whether minors can be members or guests

In most cases, this agreement must follow the Texas Health Spa Act so that it’s enforceable.

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2. Waiver, Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Agreement. This agreement must contain provisions to protect you from liability when a member injures himself. And for other losses too (e.g. theft of personal items).

And you’ll want a variation of this agreement for non-members. This protects you when they use your facility on a trial basis or as guests of a member.

3. Media Release. Members and non-member guests should sign a media release. This release lets you use video, photos, etc. taken of them at your facility for marketing, etc.

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Where To Get Help With Texas Gym Membership Agreements

Do you need any of these three Texas gym agreements? Or do you want your agreements reviewed for compliance with state law?

It’s time for you to talk with Business Contracts Lawyer Mike Young. Schedule your phone consultation today.

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