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Texas Personal Trainer Insurance And Gym Owners

By December 13, 2019June 9th, 2020Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

Texas Personal Trainer Insurance And Gym OwnersMany Lone Star State gym owners leave themselves needlessly exposed to lawsuits because of personal trainers who contract to provide fitness training to gym members and guests. If someone gets seriously injured or dies during training, there will be a lawsuit. The simple solution is to have the instructor’s independent contractor agreement with the gym require Texas personal trainer insurance.

What Type Of Insurance Should A Personal Trainer Be Required To Carry?

At a minimum, the fitness instructor should have a commercial general liability insurance policy. If the trainer has a vehicle that’s used on the gym’s premises (e.g. fitness center parking lot), there should also be commercial automobile liability insurance.

The Texas Gym Owner As An Additional Insured

It’s not enough for the personal trainer to have such insurance. The policies must also name the gym owner as an additional insured.


Because if a gym member is injured while receiving personal trainer services, it’s highly likely the gym will be named as either the sole defendant or a co-defendant in the subsequent civil lawsuit for damages.

Proof Of Texas Personal Trainer Insurance

The personal trainer’s contract with the gym should require the instructor to provide proof of such insurance naming the Texas fitness center owner as an additional insured before the trainer can provide services to gym members and guests.

Is this redundant if the gym already carries its own general liability and auto insurance?

No. At a minimum, it’s an extra pocket for a plaintiff to tap for compensation if there’s been an injury or death on your gym’s premises. And the trainer’s policies may be able to cover any gaps in your gym’s insurance that you didn’t even know existed.

An experienced Texas business contracts lawyer can ensure that these insurance issues, Texas Health Spa Act compliance, biometrics privacy issues, and other legal risks are addressed in your gym’s contracts, waivers, and other legal documents.

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