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Software Development Work Orders: What You Need To Know

Software Development Work Orders: What You Need To KnowSometimes called a Scope of Work (SOW), software development work orders define project work.

Also important, a project’s work order excludes tasks. That’s essential to avoid misunderstandings between client and developer.

Master Services Agreements And Work Orders

Work orders are common when there’s a master services agreement. For example, the developer will do more then one app project in a year.

These master agreements are flexible. Because they allow either party to walk away with advance notice, for cause, etc.

And they’ll often renew for another term if there’s a good working relationship.

Of course, the underlying software development agreement will favor one party. If you hire the software lawyer to prepare the contract, it will favor you. Because terms and conditions make a difference.

Software Work Orders Versus Change Orders

It’s important to note that work orders are different than change orders.

  • A work order defines the original scope of work.
  • But a change order modifies that scope during the project.

Work Order Signatures

Of course, work orders (and change orders) should be in writing. And signed by authorized parties. Either on paper or electronically.

Now an experienced software attorney often prepares software development template work orders and change orders for client use.

Where To Get Software Development Work Orders

Are you a software developer? Or a business owner who retains them to develop applications?

Software Lawyer Mike Young can prepare a software development agreement that’s right for you. Plus software development work orders. And template change orders. Check out the Software Development Legal Protection Package to learn more now.


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