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Software Development Agreement Template: Save Time, Money & Protect Yourself

Software Development Agreement Template: Save Time, Money & Protect YourselfIf you’re a software developer or your business outsources app development, it makes sense to use a software development agreement template as the starting point for each project.

Of course, a properly prepared template will be designed to protect your legal interests (e.g. your intellectual property rights) while saving you time and money because you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

There are two basic types of templates you’ll want to consider using: (1) the single project agreement, and (2) the multiple project agreement.

Single Project Agreement

If you’re looking at the development of a single application over a specific period of time, a software development agreement template that focuses solely on that one project makes sense. This template can serve as the basis for multiple app projects over time between different parties. For example, if you’re a developer, you can use the template for each single app project you do for different clients. Similarly, if you’re a company contracting with developers, you can use on different single app projects to retain different developers depending upon your needs for each project.

Multiple Project Agreement

When a developer is retained to handle multiple app development projects for a single client on an ongoing basis, it often makes sense to use a multiple project agreement template.

Now this type of template is typically set up as a master services agreement with essential terms and conditions that cover all projects. The master agreement is supplemented by a project work order template that’s used for each new app project. In addition, a template change order is used for modifying the terms of any particular project during development.

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Why It’s Risky To Borrow A Software Development Agreement Template

Naturally, the terms and conditions within the template you use will vary depending upon your unique business needs. For example, a template that’s prepared for a company that retains software developers will contain many provisions that favor the company and disfavor the developer. If a software developer “borrowed” that template to use, it would put the developer at a distinct disadvantage when dealing with clients on everything from intellectual property rights to getting paid.

In addition, borrowing a software development agreement template can be intellectual property theft, even if given to you by someone else who routinely uses it. Like other software agreements, app development contracts are often used under license from the copyright owner (e.g. a law firm). If you haven’t paid for the right to use the agreement, you may be setting yourself up for an unnecessary lawsuit by the copyright owner.

Frankly, it makes sense to invest in having an experienced software lawyer prepare a single project and/or multiple project app development contract template you can use repeatedly in your business to get what you want while protecting yourself. Our law firm prepares app development contract templates on a flat fee basis. To learn more, check out our Software Development Legal Protection Package.

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