If you’re a business owner or a C-level executive of a privately held company, it’s often difficult to find the right Internet lawyer to solve your legal problems.

Let’s face it…corporate law has become so specialized that you can’t expect one attorney to competently handle all legal issues that arise at your company.

The Danger Of The Know-It-All Lawyer

Unfortunately, many attorneys don’t make it easy for you to pick the right legal professional to handle a specific project because they pretend to be experts in all areas of law.

Yet that’s simply not possible because the law has become so complicated.

Did you know that if an attorney claims to practice more than 2 or 3 areas of law, chances are the lawyer is lying to you?

Why? To get you to become a client.

It’s a desperation move that can cost your company a fortune because of legal malpractice. Plus you’re paying for the attorney’s education as he stumbles through representing you. Remember that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.

In other words, there’s unlikely to be a one-stop shop to handle all of your company’s legal issues unless you can afford to retain a large firm and overpay for unnecessary overhead and inexperienced associates.

“The trial lawyer qualified to handle a lawsuit is unlikely to have the knowledge and experience necessary to prepare solid business agreements for your company because they’re very different skill sets.” – Mike Young, Esq.

Save Time And Avoid Headaches

Imagine being able to easily farm out your legal issues to a qualified Internet lawyer instead of wasting your valuable time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on what you do best at your company?

The solution is to retain the right Internet law firm as outside general counsel.

This means an experienced Internet lawyer who performs many of the same tasks as in-house counsel would for your company — but without the headaches of having an attorney as your employee.

In addition to handling your company’s contracts and other business legal documents, your outside general counsel will recommend niche attorneys for you to retain as-needed.

Whether it’s fighting an unemployment compensation claim or raising venture capital, a qualified Internet lawyer can save you a fortune in time and legal fees by referring you to the right professional to solve a particular problem.

Can Internet Lawyer Mike Young Help You?

texas business lawyer mike young


Attorney Mike Young protects privately held companies in individual business transactions and on an ongoing basis as outside general counsel.

If your business qualifies for legal representation by Mike, here’s what you get:

Internet Lawyer Mike Young Bio

Legal Education

  • International Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from Georgetown University Law Center (1994)
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law (1993)

Legal Experience

  • Since 1994, Mike has helped clients protect their companies (online and offline).
  • He is also the current President of the Internet Attorneys Association.

Business Experience

  • In addition to representing businesses, he has been an entrepreneur in privately held companies since 1994.
    1. A written quote with flat-fee pricing for the preparation of contracts and other business legal documents;
    2. One complimentary set of revisions upon request within 14 days of receiving a document prepared by him; and
    3. Three iron-clad guarantees.

internet lawyer guaranteeHappiness Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your telephone consultation for any reason, just ask for a refund of the at any time during your consultation.

Timeliness Guarantee

We will will respect your time. Where possible, you will be given a date when the legal work will be delivered. And the work will be delivered on or before that date.

Revisions Guarantee

Once you receive legal work from us, you get 14 days to review the documents. If you’re not satisfied that we delivered as agreed upon, Attorney Young will revise the work one time at no additional charge. That’s a firm promise and commitment.

What’s The First Step In Retaining Attorney Young To Protect Your Company?

Set up a confidential telephone consultation using our Internet law firm’s online scheduling system.

Because space is limited, appointments are booked with Internet Lawyer Young on a first come, first served basis.

Naturally, this means you’ll want to schedule your phone consultation today. Simply pick an available time that’s convenient for you.

What Clients Are Saying

Very knowledgeable and helpful

Mike knows his stuff and gives you straight answers; not a run around. He told me exactly what I needed to know; clearly and directly. I had tried to find the answers myself by asking the agencies involved and by doing my own research. Had I called Mike first, I’d have saved hours of time. Well worth his fee.

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