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How A Technology Lawyer Can Help Your CompanyA Technology Lawyer can help you protect your legal rights when it comes to preparing, reviewing, or negotiating a tech-related contract for your business.

What Is A Tech Contract?

The concept of a ‘tech agreement” is fairly broad. For most entrepreneurs, it refers to just about any type of contract that relates to technology and (IP) intellectual property rights. The tech can be the primary focus of the agreement (e.g. a licensing deal) or a secondary aspect of the contract (e.g. an employment agreement).

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It’s important to understand that many contracts in business relate somehow to technology and intellectual property. To protect your rights, you want to make sure you’ve got an experienced technology lawyer on board to represent you.

What Are Some Common Legal Documents Where Tech Is Very Important?

Technology Contracts And eCommerce Agreements
Certain contracts by their nature are focused on protecting technology and related IP rights. These agreements include:

  • Tech Development Contracts (e.g. software apps)
  • Licensing Agreements (e.g. trademarks/service marks)
  • Reseller Agreements
  • Content Marketing Agreements
  • Source Code Contracts
  • Data Lease Agreements

What About Secondary Tech Issues?

Technology and related IP are often important ancillary issues in certain types of legal documents. These include:

  • Tech Job Employment Contracts
  • Marketing and Advertising Agreements
  • Consulting and Other Freelance Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Membership Subscription Agreements
  • Website Legal Documents (e.g. Terms of Use)

eCommerce Contracts And Technology

Many e-commerce agreements have tech aspects that should be properly drafted to protect your company’s intellectual property rights. Popular eCommerce agreements include:

  • Affiliate Program Operating Agreements
  • Membership Site Terms & Conditions
  • Digital Product Resale Rights Agreements
  • Contracts to Buy or Sell Websites
  • Online Contest Rules
  • Social Media Policies

When Does It Make Sense To Retain A Technology Lawyer?

If you haven’t had your business contract templates reviewed in a while, you’re about to enter a deal and the other side’s presented you with their contract for review, or you’re expanding your company and need a new agreement, it’s time to consult with a Business & Technology Attorney to ensure your business’ intellectual property and other important legal rights are protected.

What If Your Company Isn’t Based In Dallas?

If your company is located in Texas or does business (e.g. has customers) in the Lone Star State, chances are it makes sense to talk with a Dallas-based tech lawyer who knows applicable state, federal, and international laws that apply to your company’s IP rights.