Software Application Agreements

software development agreementHere are some of the common app-related agreements that our business contracts lawyer prepares to protect our clients.

Software Development Agreement

The most popular type of software contract we prepare is a software development agreement. We prepare them for clients who are software developers and also for companies that pay others for application development.

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End User License Agreement (EULA)

Another popular contract for mobile apps and other software is the EULA that describes the rights and responsibilities of application’s end user. A properly written EULA discourages piracy and other misuse.

Software Beta Testing Agreement

Before an app is released for sale to the public, it’s common to have beta testers work out the bugs. To protect your intellectual property, you’ll want to have a software beta testing agreement in place to let those participating in the testing know what they can and can’t do with your app.

software license agreementSoftware Evaluation Agreement

Also known as a software demo agreement, a software evaluation contract typically provides a prospective customer with a stripped down version of an application (e.g. lacking certain key features) or a time-limited use of the full app (e.g. 14-day trial period) to be able to test drive the software before making a decision whether or not to purchase a EULA to use the full version.

Software Consulting Agreement

Whether you’re a software consultant or a business owner that retains one, you’ll want a consulting contract in place that protects your interests, including intellectual property ownership, scope of services to be rendered, project milestones, payment terms, and other issues.

Software As A Service (SaaS) Agreement

With the transition from desktop applications to software that’s cloud based, software as a service has become a popular business model. A good SaaS contract protects intellectual property ownership, covers subscription terms and conditions, and other issues important to protecting the SaaS provider (e.g. limitation of liability for app downtime due to server and connectivity issues).