Website Agreements

website design agreementIn addition to website legal documents (privacy policy, terms of use, etc.) and professional services agreements (e.g. website design, SEO, SEM, content marketing, etc.), there are related contracts routinely used by businesses that have an online presence.

Affiliate Program Agreement

If your company runs an affiliate program where you pay sales commissions or other compensation to affiliate independent contractors, as part of your business contracts, you’ll want an experienced Internet business contracts lawyer to draft a written affiliate program agreement that explains the respective rights and obligations of the affiliates and you as the program operator. This will include commission payment terms, restrictions on affiliate marketing activities, and protection of your intellectual property and reputation.

Note that an Affiliate Program Agreement is different than an Affiliate Compensation Disclosure, which is described above. However, it is common for your program agreement to require affiliates to disclosure their affiliate status when selling your products and services.

Membership Website Agreement

If you’re running a membership website (paid or otherwise), you want a membership agreement in place that explains what your members can and cannot do. This includes restrictions that protect your site’s intellectual property so that it’s clear that content cannot be scraped and sold or given away to non-members.

Website Purchase, Sale, and Lease Agreements

If you plan to buy, sell, or lease all or part of a website, you’ll want your business contracts lawyer to prepare a written agreement that covers the essential terms of the deal so that each party clearly understands what’s included and excluded from the transaction. Of course, these contracts we prepare will vary significantly depending upon whether the client is a purchaser, seller, lessor, or lessee.

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Domain Name Purchase, Sale, and Lease Agreements

Unlike a website purchase, sale, or lease agreement, the domain name contract only addresses buying, selling, or leasing the domain name registration from a registrant. It does not include a website and related content, just the domain name. The most common of these transactions involves a domain name sale agreement that’s used by domain name flippers, that is, entrepreneurs who acquire multiple domain names at low prices and flip them to subsequent purchasers for a higher price.