Two Digital Marketing Agreement Dangers You Face – And How To Protect Against Both

digital marketing agreementTony’s company signed a one-year digital marketing agreement. It was the marketing agency’s “standard contract.”

At the end of the year, Tony decided not to renew.

That’s when all Hell broke loose.

Because the agency insisted it owned the content, including the website re-design work it had done. If Tony wanted to keep the site and the content, he’d have to buy the rights to it.

Are you a digital marketing services provider or a business owner that retains them? Tony’s story identifies two key dangers to avoid.

1. A “standard contract” will favor the party whose attorney prepared it. Don’t take it at face value. Negotiate to get what you want.

2. Digital marketing contracts can either license or transfer ownership of content created. Make sure your contract gives you want you want before signing it.

Do you need a digital marketing agreement prepared by a business contracts lawyer? Or want to have one reviewed before you sign, let’s talk.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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