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Burqanet: Iran to create own version of Internet

By September 21, 2012Internet Lawyer

Tired of Internet free speech?

Believe the 12th Imam is just hanging out in a cave somewhere waiting to help you wipe Israel and the United States from the planet?

Looking forward to building a Grand Caliphate?

Iran’s got just the “new” thing for you — the country is building its own internal version of the Internet for its citizens. What better way to spy on those nonconformists than to ensure their online experience comes complete with Sharia law compliance and penalties.

Call it a tech craze for crazies…and a further step backwards to the 7th Century.

Let’s skip the moral relativism. Iran’s Burqanet is being designed to hinder the free flow of information and suppress dissent.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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