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Cell Phone Blocker – A Good Idea

Tired of inconsiderate jerks talking on their cell phones in restaurants, bathrooms, religious institutions, museums, and other places where you simply want peace and quiet. Ready to throw your popcorn (or a shoe) at the next moron who lets their cell phone ring during a movie?

Now there’s a short-range cell phone blocker on the market for less than 60 bucks.

There’s only two cons that I see to such a device.

First, the reviews suggest that it tends to run hot when used for long periods of time.

Secondly, my guess is that the mobile phone companies will be running to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) demanding that it be banned. They’ll use the excuse that emergency response personnel (police, fire departments, etc.) need reception everywhere or some other public interest argument.

The sad thing is that the lack of common sense and etiquette creates a demand for this device.

I’m all for using tech to improve our lives … but sometimes idiots go too far.

Speaking of which, check out this story about a man who had his thumbs surgically altered (including the bones shaved down) to make it easier to use his iPhone.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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