Easier Contract Negotiations

I’m very appreciative of the work you did for us on our master services agreement. It has made contract negotiations so much easier!

Wade Brantley, CEO
ScienceSoft USA

Very Knowledgeable Lawyer

I manage a website design and search marketing company. I have worked with Attorney Mike Young to help me with various of my intellectual property documents and employment contracts for over 24 months. Mike is a great person and very knowledgeable lawyer. He always turns around whatever I need on a very timely basis.

Kamar Z.

Protection of assets

Protection of assets is a key concept that I teach to young adults. In today’s world having adequate insurance and proper legal protection are vital. I use Michael Young’s forms on my websites, books, and home study courses. I trust them to protect my assets and feel more secure knowing I have his forms to reduce everyday legal risks.

Vince S.

Mike Young is the exception

As a copywriter and entrepreneur, I usually do whatever I can to avoid attorneys. Fact is, the overwhelming majority of attorneys don’t have a clue what entrepreneurs want and need. Michael Young is the exception. He understands internet marketing and what internet marketers need. Recently, I contacted Mike to get some legal advice and his knowledge and preparation really impressed me. So if you need to contact a lawyer, and you need somebody who understands the unique legal challenges facing today’s internet marketer, I recommend you contact Mike Young.

Matt M.

I feel completely protected

I found out about Mike Young’s legal services from my business mentor, and was able to have him write a performance/injury disclaimer for the product I sell on my website. I got way more than my money’s worth, and now I feel completely protected. If you are an Internet marketer and in need of any type of legal service for your online business, Mike Young is THE number one attorney to go to. I recommend him over anyone.

Samuel N.

Mike Young ‘Gets’ Marketing

Most business lawyers don’t understand marketing. They prefer to play it safe, which means gutting nearly every piece of the advertising they review. As a copywriter, that makes my job harder. I don’t know how many hours I’ve wasted fighting with my clients’ lawyers simply to get approval on an ad or sales letter. Mike Young has studied the marketing classics and stays current in the industry. He understands what I’m doing and works with me, rather than against me. That’s why I refer my clients to him and retain his services for all my business legal needs.

Karl B.

Recommend Mike Young

Attorney Mike Young was the lawyer of record for my LLC. In every situation Mike’s attention to detail, legal knowledge, prompt availability and timely advice eased the inherent stress and burden of dealing with a government agency while fulfilling the myriad of documentation required to meet the administrative and regulatory demands. Without hesitation, I can recommend Mike Young and his Law offices based on his demonstrated performance. I can equally recommend him as a true and trusted friend in whom you can safely rely.
Robert P.

Sound Advice

Mike provided me with helpful insights that will last as long as I write. He laid a solid foundation for the review of future contracts. I am very grateful for his services.

Joe Edd M.

Extremely Helpful

I found Mike to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I look forward to working with him further. I received excellent information in a short period of time. Thank you!

Manju R.

Excellent advice

Attorney Young was extremely helpful in advising me as I prepare my new website. In particular, he advised in the areas of copyright law, posting photos, and setting up links.

James M.

Valuable advisor!

Very helpful! Mike is a no nonsense person who does not waste your time. He gave us unbiased advice on several occasions and challenged us to rethink our strategy.

Celine S.

Extremely helpful!

It was a pleasure talking with Attorney Young. I will not hesitate to refer others and I intend to hire him for further legal work in the immediate future.

Chris S.


Mike was very knowledgeable, and able to download information needed very quickly. The 30 minute session was worth every penny, and we will be seeking his counsel again.

Neil P.

Very thorough and delivered

I read Mike’s book and after a referral from a friend decided to book a 30 minute call with Mike. In 30 minutes, Mike has saved me tons of time in research as well as helping me define a roadmap of key next steps to take. Thank you Mike!

Shane F.

Knowledgeable and succinct!

It is always a pleasure to deal with Mike. He gets right to the point on the questions we need answered which is why when we have a concern, we turn it over to Mike Young. If you need online legal advice, this is where you want to be.

Jane M.

Mike always cuts right to the core of an issue

You get what you pay for and Mike really knows what he’s doing. He listened intently to what I had to say and then suggested that he take the remaining time to go over the documents I needed him to review instead of talking about the situation more. He got me an answer that afternoon! I will definitely be using his expertise again. Thanks Mike!

Jeffrey R.

Very knowledgeable and helpful

Mike knows his stuff and gives you straight answers; not a run around. He told me exactly what I needed to know; clearly and directly. I had tried to find the answers myself by asking the agencies involved and by doing my own research. Had I called Mike first, I’d have saved hours of time. Well worth his fee.

Ann P.