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Using A DBA Registration To Operate Multiple Brands Under One Company

What is a DBA registration?

Basically, a doing-business-as (DBA) registration, is a document you fill out and file with your state and sometimes your local government to ensure that yours is the only business with a legal right to publicly operate under a given name. This type of registration is sometimes called a “fictitious name” or an “assumed name” registration.

Why should you obtain a DBA registration?

Often times an established company will wish to have a public operating name that differs from its official name, or even from an already present secondary name that differs from its official name. In this situation, the company selects the new extra name it wishes to operate under and drafts a DBA registration to put that name on file with their government, enabling the company to secure the exclusive right to use that name.

For instance, Air Widgets Inc. is a long-time established corporation that publically operates in most instances as Air Widgets Inc. and has for some time. However, the company now wishes to operate a new business line of products under the name of “Wind Widgets Service Co.” To set up this new line, a DBA registration is prepared and filed with the relevant government entities after making sure the name isn’t already taken by another company.

While the process for filing a DBA registration varies depending on the jurisdiction, typically it will be filed at either the state level, local level, or both.

Do you need help with a Texas DBA registration?

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