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Does Your Software Development Agreement Let You Recycle Code?

custom software development agreement

If you’re a developer, one of the most important rights you’ll want to have in your software development agreement is the ability to recycle code for other clients’ projects.

And, if you’re not clear about how owns what, chances are each client will think they own the code and you can’t use it again for others or even your own clients.

Now an experienced software lawyer can craft a software development agreement that makes it clear what you own, what the client owns, what’s licensed, and the terms of the license granted.

Of course, the development agreement will also cover other important ownership issues, such as the parties’ rights to open source code used in the project.

If you need help putting together an app development contract that protects your legal rights, schedule a phone consultation with Software Lawyer Mike Young.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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