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Google Privacy Policy Change and Interest Based Advertising

privacy-policyGoogle wants its AdSense partners to update their privacy policies to accommodate interest-based advertising. How does this advertising work? Google uses its DoubleClick DART cookie to track personal website viewing habits. Based on the content that you view on different websites, Google determines what types of advertisements might be of interest to you. When you visit a website that has AdSense, Google will serve you targeted ads on that site with the expectation that you’re more likely to click on one of the ads because you’re interested in it.

However, Google doesn’t provide you with sample language for updating your website’s privacy policy to comply with its April 8th deadline.

I’ve drafted sample language for privacy policy revisions and included it in a special report (an Adobe Acrobat PDF file). You’ll want to download a copy right now by clicking this link and saving a copy to your computer’s hard drive in a place you can find it (like your Desktop or My Documents folder).

Of course, this is general information and not legal advice. Talk with your Internet business attorney about specific legal issues.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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