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How To Use An Independent Contractor For Multiple Projects

independent contractor agreementsIf you want an independent contractor to work on multiple projects, what’s the best way to go about it?

Of course, if the projects are to be done simultaneously, it makes sense to have a written contractor agreement in place that contains a scope of work for these projects attached as an exhibit to the contract.

However, if the projects are to be done consecutively over a period of months or even years (and some of the projects may not even be identified yet), the easiest way to structure the deal is with a written Master Services Agreement (“MSA”). The MSA will include important terms that apply to all of the projects without getting bogged down in the uniqueness of each one.

In addition to the MSA, each new project will have a signed Work Order that contains that project’s scope, milestones, deliverables, etc.

What if you need to change something in a project after the Work Order has been signed? You can use a signed Change Order that reflects what’s modified from the original Work Order.

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