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Two Ways An Internet Attorney Protects You

What is an internet attorney?

Internet attorneys are lawyers who have centered their legal practices on those areas of the law that directly relate to or govern the internet. Usually, internet attorneys will have backgrounds in internet law as well as business and regulatory law, which at a minimum will extend to those areas where they overlap with internet law.

Two ways an internet attorney can protect your business

The first way your internet attorney can protect your business is by conducting a detailed review of your business website. Website reviews reveal any legal hiccups on a company’s website and enable web lawyers to get to work fixing them as soon as they are discovered. The reviews also enable business owners to be confident they are operating websites which are legally safe, freeing them up to devote all of their energy to the business of running and expanding their businesses, rather than worrying over minute website details.
The second important way your internet attorney can help to protect your business is by helping you draft any important internet and website policies or documents you might be lacking. In one common scenario, your lack of a posted website privacy policy could lead to clients not choosing your business because your lack of guidance as to how their personal data might be handled makes them nervous and pushes them to a competitor. A web lawyer will be able to help you create any policies or other documents you might be lacking and at the same time help you to use those documents as a shield for you and your business. To use another example, if you were ever to have a data breach and the personal date of your associates or clients were taken and misused you could in some scenarios be liable for their damages, however if you have strong disclaimer protections in your posted policies you will have given yourself some legal protections with which to defend yourself.

Seeking an internet attorney?

Are you searching for an internet attorney? Internet lawyer Mike Young has been working on internet legal matters and providing guidance to business owners on internet law issues for the better part of two decades. For help with your website protection needs contact Attorney Young and set up a Legal Strategy Session today.

Mike Young, Esq.

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