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Internet Attorney: Protect Your Daughters Online

By March 29, 2007July 4th, 2010Internet Lawyer

In addition to being an Internet attorney, I’m also a concerned parent. As if online predators weren’t enough, a University of Toronto research project suggests that young girls are stripping online because of peer pressure. Images supposed to be viewed only by a few friends or a boyfriend are then circulated widely on the Internet. With social media sites like Facebook and its X-rated clones, it doesn’t take much for your kid’s inappropriate pics or videos being shared throughout cyberspace.

This isn’t a prank — minors are being prosecuted for sending and receiving child pornography because of this. Yes…that goes beyond the scope of an Internet lawyer and into the criminal defense realm. What would you do if your kid was arrested?

There’s a simple solution to this. Keep your family computer (and webcam) in a common area where usage can be supervised. Don’t give you kids cell phones that have built-in digital cameras. Tell your kids why it is wrong to pose for pics because of peer pressure. Track what your kids do online. Use filtering software.

This isn’t a free speech issue. It is your child’s safety at stake. You don’t really need an Internet attorney to protect your kids online — just some of your time and good advice.

Hat tip to Reuters.

Mike Young, Esq.

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