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Pricing Your Products and Services: How Low Should You Go?


With the economy in the toilet, retailers online and offline are competing with each other on price at rates designed to put them into bankruptcy. Call it “Circuit City Syndrome.”

Is it really a good deal for you to make a sale that loses you money both in the short and long term? Hardly.

There will always be some fool willing to work for free or pay for the privilege of working. Don’t let it be you.

Companies that prosper will deliver consistent quality goods and services to their clients on terms that are both good for the seller and the buyer. Anything less is a fool’s game.

Note that you can improve your profit margins by finding suppliers for your business that are willing to work at a loss to keep you as a client. If they want to subsidize your business, take advantage of it.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

Mike Young has been practicing business and technology law since 1994 and is an angel investor in startups. He's been an entrepreneur since 1988. To get legal help from Attorney Young, click here now or call 214-546-4247 to schedule a phone consultation.

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